I can finally sit down and write down all that’s happened in the past few days! 

About a month ago Gillian Anderson got in touch with me regarding my Hannicrafts plushies; She wanted to commission me for two sets of six plushies; Hannibal, Will, Jack, Bedelia, Alana and Bryan Fuller himself. You don’t get requests like these anyday so i ofcourse took the commission. It was such a challenge since all of my plushies are sewn by hand, but I worked really hard to get all of them finished as soon as possible. I’ve send them off and I thought that’d be all there was to it. I later heard that she wanted to give one of the plushie sets to Bryan Fuller (how awesome is that right?)

So, I had to keep this a secret for about a month and it was excruciating because I wanted to share this story with everyone. I then got a pm telling me she’d be on set on the 16th of september and that she would give the plushies to Bryan himself. (I’ve been counting the days, I’m telling ya) And now he finally has the plushies and I’m absolutely overwhelmed that all of this is actually real and happening. This whole experience has been so surreal. 

I wanted to thank everyone for all the lovely responses, support and positive comments! They mean the world to me! I’ve only started sewing about 2 years ago and I could never have dreamed of achieving something like this! <3

If you are interested in more pics of the commissions I’ve got more pics up at my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ThePlushmaker ; so make sure to check it out!

Couldn’t not reblog this! FUCKING ACE! Congrats my dear! These are awesome!

i would like 50 hannibal and alana bloom plushies plz

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italian leather isn’t even made out of real italians


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Hannibal Easter Egg:

In the episode “Ceuf”, Hannibal explores Will Graham’s home and spots an upright piano. The small musical phrase he plays is a theme from Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Rite of Spring.  Mads Mikkelsen starred in the film Igor Stranvinksy and Coco Chanel, which features The Rite of Spring heavily.

Well shit

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can we talk about the fact that mads mikkelsen looks kind of like an older version of bradley james i just



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Happy birthday to Bryan Fuller!  You are Captain of the Hannigram ship!


Happy birthday to Bryan Fuller!  You are Captain of the Hannigram ship!

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tattle-crime sent: Did you draw that glorious picture of my question to Will I mean Hugh!?

I guess I did! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Lounds.

"I’m just intrigued about what a road trip for justice would look like. So yes if you get me out of jail, I will start talking with an American accent again, and I’ll go on a road trip with you."- Hugh Dancy [x]


Dear NBC: Attached you will find my application for the HANNIBAL Season 2 writing staff.

Have they gotten back to you yet